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Whidbey’s Saratoga Orchestra


Rhythms of Nature III – Percussion, Prose and Poetry

In Celebration of Whidbey’s Earth and Ocean Month

APRIL 6, 2024 2:00pm Greenbank Farm, Whidbey Island, WA

with special guests:


Mary Elizabeth Himes, A Poet on Whidbey

OKK Taiko Drums, Oak Harbor



Summits to the Seas –

An Ensemble Improvisation

1. Mountains: "Kulshan waits for Snow"

2. Forests: "Old Growth Branches request a Nest"

3. Rain Forests: "A Rainforest Canopy...Water in Hand"

4. Seas: "Salish Seas, Blue Green Home"

Anacostia Journal (2003)

Lauren Bernofsky

Rain – Duck Talk – Tree’s Lament – Stench – Riverwalk

Emma Burge & Susan Baer, violin William Goodwin, viola Aniela Marie Perry, cello

MicroTimbre I for amplified Tam-Tam

Rich O'Donnell

Erica Montgomery, Tam-Tam

Koke No Niwa Op. 181 Moss Garden (1960)

Alan Hovhaness

Ove Hanson - English Horn
Erica Montgomery – Timpani & Tam-Tam

Brandon Nelson – Glockenspiel & Marimba

Nancy Blaire - Keyboard

Special Presentation:

OKK (Okinawa Kenjin Kai) Taiko - Oak Harbor


Mysterious Horse before the Gate, Op. 205 (1963)

Alan Hovhaness

Larry Heidel and Lola Chargualaf - Trombone
Erica Montgomery, Brandon Nelson, Jack Culligan, Andrew Power - Percussion

Living Room Music, 4 Percussion (1940)

John Cage

I. To Begin

II. “Once Upon A Time”

Once upon a time the world

was round and you could go on

it around and around

-Gertrude Stein

III. Melody

The Solitude of Stars (2020)

Stacy Garrop

Sebastian Serrano-Ayala - Soprano Sax

Nancy Blaire – Piano



O Magnum Mysterium

Morten Lauridson

Arr. Serrano-Ayala

Whidbey’s Saratoga Orchestra

Rhythms of Nature Ensemble
Anna Edwards- Music Director
Percussion: Erica Montgomery, Brandon Nelson, Jack Culligan *, Andrew Power

Emma Burge, Sue Baer, Patrice Weed Shearer – Violin
William Goodwin – Viola Aniela Marie Perry- Cello
Ove Hanson - English Horn Rae Terpenning – Flute
Sebastian Serrano-Ayala – Soprano Sax
Gordon Ullmann – Trumpet & Alphorn
Larry Heidel – Trombone & Conch Shell
Lola Chargualaf * - Trombone
Nancy Blaire – Piano

*Talent Development Program, Student Participant


• Having musically talented friends and neighbors enhances our culturally rich and diverse community?
• A local professsional orchestra is a dynamic factor to contribute to the economic vitality and enrichment of Whidbey Island?
• Supporting an orchestra is an investment for our community?
• Local educational opportunities in music are important for the youth of Whidbey Island?  

​If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you recognize that the Saratoga Orchestra
is a community partner and cultural asset that provides significant benefit to Whidbey Island. 

Your support makes this possible, and like all cultural organizations, the Saratoga Orchestra relies on
private donations as well a support from program advertisers and sponsorships. 

Every performance and educational program that Saratoga Orchestra offers, reflects the kind generosity
​and importance our community places on having great music available locally. 

PayPal online donations:

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Checks may be made out and mailed to: 
Saratoga Orchestra
PO Box 1524
Langley, WA 98260

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